Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Yoga classes do you teach?

As a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, I teach pre and post natal yoga classes in studio and outdoors in a protected courtyard connected to my studio location. I also teach Yin Yoga once a week. 

What specific birthwork offerings are available?

I am a birth doula, supporting clients throughout their pregnancy and labor journey up to the end of their 40 days postpartum. I offer guidance with infant feeding as a Certified Lactation Education Specialist (CLEC) through Breastfeed LA. I also offer a number of different traditional and indigenous healing modalities including but not limited to yoni steams, floor-based barefoot bodywork learned from Leah Gillman and inspired by Shiatsu style massage. I use traditional styles native to Pacific Islanders like Samoan fo fo and Hawaiian-style  lomi lomi.  Chinese gua sha and cupping, Indigenous Mexican bodywork using rebozo, postpartum belly binding and cerrada (bone closing/sealing ceremony) at the end of your 40th day postpartum. Like my flow yoga teaching practice, I am intuitive about select which bodywork modality will work best depending on the ailment. For massage and essential oils, I use DoTERRA.

What are the rates of your services?

Yoga classes are a drop in rate of $20/class. I hold individual, two hour, one-on-one childbirth education classes for $55/each via Zoom. Workshops can range from $65 on up to $130. Individual postpartum sessions can range from $175 - $225 for an estimated 2.5/3 hour session. As a birth doula, I offer any and all of these services described before as an an entire package for a sliding scale of $2 - $3K depending on a client's financial privilege.  Clients who are able to pay me more, do so which feeds into a fund that allows me to take on other clients on a probono or a steeply discounted basis. #everyonedeseresadoula