Doula Services

Leonora's desire to become a doula unfolded out of  teaching prenatal yoga. Helping students throughout each stage of their pregnancy to prepare for labor and the birth of their child created this desire to continue to serve them through labor preparation, labor itself and the postpartum stage on into parenthood.  Being a doula is an act of service, service to the individual moving through one of the most life-changing transitions one can experience, becoming a parent, and it is with great reverence and appreciation that Leonora fulfills this service.  Leonora was trained within the Roots of Labor Birth Collective in 2018. 

Planning Your Birth

Preparing for your child's arrival can be a multi-faceted process. 

I will learn about your individual emotional and physical health leading up to your birth and during your pregnancy. I will help you create your ideal birth preferences/plan according to your hopes, wishes and vision for your birth. I will provide childbirth education so that you can make informed choices about the type of birth you wish to have. We will work as a birth team to practice strategies for a smooth and pain-free labor and birth.   I offer consultations for birth planning as an individual doula offering.

Labor Support

This is the time we put into action all our work leading up to your labor and baby's birth.

From the first stirrings of labor through until after your baby's birth, I will be there to support you. Actuating your birth preferences, assisting birthing partners, being an advocate for you in the hospital, providing informational, physical and emotional support with breath guidance, pressure points and the use of a rebozo --these are some of the ways I will help support you.  I'll help you find your inner reservoir of strength and will, to have the birth experience you dream of having to bring your child into the world with grace and love.

Postpartum Care

This is when we need the most support.

As a mother myself and as a doula, this time is just as important as the birth itself.  This is when the new parent needs more care, more attention, more healing. The postpartum services I have learned have been taught to me by midwives and practiced and experienced doulas.  Methods such as Belly Binding, Yoni Steams, Herbal baths, Cerrada or bone closing ceremonies, Bodywork as well as nursing and baby advice I offer.  This is a time when you need to feel as though there is someone listening, ready to offer care and helping you with any and all tasks, large and small so you can heal and enjoy these first moments of your life as a new parent with your newborn.

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Preparing your body and mind for birth and helping heal and strengthen your postpartum body. 

Yoga has proven to be the most phenomenal way to prepare for labor and extremely helpful through the healing process post-partum. This practice provides for an opportunity to be embodied, to learn and know one's body, to temper one's mind through the practices of asana and breath awareness and breath practices, these are the tools that assist one through the most challenging times, through the newness of parenthood and  the challenges of life. With my 10 years of experience, I will evaluate and assess, depending on your physical and emotional needs, a practice that's suited to helping you. 

Working with Leonora gave me the confidence to go after the birth experience I envisioned for myself, despite conflicting circumstances with COVID-19 and limitations within the hospital infrastructure. She set up a calm and grounded environment for my partner and I at home that made us feel safe supported and able to completely let go and take lead in the process of giving birth to my son. I credit Leonora’s guidance and partnership with my midwife in being able to spend most of my time laboring at home and arriving to the hospital fully dilated and ready to push. Leonora not only provided me support during labor but also helped with my healing process after which included energy balancing, herbal nutrition and education, and Leonora’s superpower... body work. For any future mamas who have a vision for their birth but also have accompanying doubts or anxiety, I highly recommend working with a doula and suggest reaching out to Leonora to see if there is a match. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and was truly sad when our time together ended. - Jenny 

To hear more about Jenny's experience, have a listen to the Birthful podcast featuring her birth story by clicking below.

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